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I have created a sequence that is working for a batch model process that I'm working on. The batch processing is great and the timing factors are all working as planned, but there is one thing. I have a LabView vi that reads a ini file, displays the "test recipe" to the user, allows them to change values and then upon exit back to TestStand I send these values to various file global variables. The problem is that some update and some that are used in sub sequences are not updating. If run the sequence without the LabView VI and manually type in the variables into TestStand the sequence works like it should but if I run the VI to allow it to update the sequence only UUT0 runs the sequcence properly.


It is as if the copies of the sequence do not all accept the changes only the UUT0, but if I manually insert the variables via the TestStand dev enviroment they all work properly.


Is there a update i must call to reload the values after I change them?


I cant use a property loader because i need it to be dynamic with many different recipes for testing the parts. Unless I can figure out a way to allow the user to pick the loader file to use dynamically



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