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automation interface for specified class cannot be obtained

I am trying to use a TestStand UI Expression Edit Control in LabVIEW to undertake an Expression.Evaluation, but I feel I must be missing something. I have a TestStand UI ExpressionEdit Control on the LabVIEW front panel, and when i try to evaluate it, or anything else (properties or methods) for that matter, the error is always the same:
"Automation Interface for the specified class cannot be obtained. Check if the automation refnum type is the correct class for this operation" Error Code 3008; User defined error code.
Any help tips or pointers would be appreciated.
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To help resolve this issue can you post the VI which gives you this error.

Anand Jain
National Instruments.
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Hi Anand,


I am using activex object ref to access canalyzer and open a configuration file i wanted. That is what i am trying to do it here.


I am also facing the same issue. I am posting my vi here. Can you explain me what i am missing over here.


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Thank You.





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