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appending notes to report

hi all
I am in customizing the teststand using C#. I want to add some notes at the end of report.
Where  can i do that.
i have tried to append the notes in

axExecutionViewMgr_DisplayReport event like the bellow

void axExecutionViewMgr_DisplayReport(object sender, NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.UI.Ax._ExecutionViewMgrEvents_DisplayReportEvent e)



"<h1>Hi this is for test\n<h1>");


but the ReportView shows me an error

Unable to load the XML Report.
At line 1416 Invalid at the top level of the document.

I think i have changed the html format..

In what format i have to append the string ie. now i have given the format as html <h1> string<h1>

or xml??

Thanks and Regards,





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Hi Srini,

The easiest way to add text to the end of your report is by using the ModifyReportFooter callback. To do this, navigate to Edit >> Sequence File Callbacks and Add the ModifyReportFooter sequence to your sequence file. Now select ModifyReportFooter from the View ring at the top of your sequence window.

One of the parameters passed to the ModifyReportFooter sequences is called ReportFooter. This is just a string value that is defined by the process model being used. You can use any of the string functions on this ReportFooter parameter to concatenate, replace, remove, and generally modify the text at the end of your reports. For example, you could use a statement step in the ModifyReportFooter callback along the lines of:

ReportFooter += "<h1>Hi this is for test\n<h1>"

and you would see that appended to the bottom of any report that was created from the current sequence. This is the easiest and preferred method of adding some notes at the end of the report.

Hope this helps Srini, let me know if you have any other questions.
Dan Weiland
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