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adding new node in style's



I am using ATML 6.0 stylesheet for generating Teststand report. I have added a new tag

    <td>Total Passed Cases:</td>


in the ATML style sheet  called Total Passed Cases . Now, how do i pass the numeric value to it from Teststand ?






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Hi arivb.6,


I assume you want log a few numeric values into the ATML 6.0 report that you are generating. You could enable the log checkbox against the step result that you want to log into your report. Details of how it can be done are mentioned in the online resource mentioned below


Best Practices for NI TestStand Report Generation and Customization


Incase, you want to log any intermediate computed values, you could also explore the additional results logging option in TestStand.


Logging Additional Results to TestStand Database


Hope this helps.






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