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add or edit step(s) dynamically in a sequence

I am trying to add or edit step(s) dynamically in a sequence, based on the response from the user to a ui.  If I can not do this in the Test Stand language, how would I do it using a LabVIEW vi and  programmatically put that into a Test Stand sequence and run that sequence?
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Try to run the example located in <TestStand>\Examples\SequenceBuilderTool.
Maybe it can answer some of your questions.

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Unfortunately it is not possible or recommended to edit a sequence file while it is running.  However, it would be possible to run LabVIEW and create a sequence file based on user input.  The example Bruno pointed out is an excellent one to demonstrate this.
Pat P.
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi every one,

                     can't v edit the sequence created in test stand at run time. if yes please help me out how to handle it.




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The easiest way to edit the currently loaded SequenceFile is to use the existing Operator Interfaces that are shipped with TestStand.  The OI performs operations using Command objects.  It is also possible to implement your own Custom Commands.  Custom Commands make it possible to perform operations such as dynamic sequence editing.  The tutorial Adding Custom Commands to the LabVIEW Operator Interface covers Custom Commands in detail.  Note:  This requires that you have a TestStand development license in order to modify or save Sequence Files.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


Tyler Tigue
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National Instruments
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