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Why does TestStand place a $ flag in the numeric format when Display Trailing Zeros is un-checked?

Setting the numeric format of a Real typed Numeric Limit test step with the Display Trailing Zeros option un-checked causes a $ to be placed within the format specifier as %$f.  This is not an ANSII C format flag and causes a runtime error in sprintf() calls within a LabWindowsCVI DLL.  Where is this flag defined and used other than in TestStand?


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The syntax of the numeric format string is identical to the format string that the C printf function accepts, with the following exceptions:

Place a $ character after the % character in the format string to remove trailing zeros after the decimal point.
Use a format code of %b to format a number in binary.
Specify an empty string to set the format to the default numeric format.



I found the above in the help for PropertyObject.NumericFormat. Ideally, it would have also been in the help for the Numeric Format Dialog. I'll submit a request for that.

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