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Why does DB_PLImpotExportProperties throw "Unknown variable or property name. (Error = -17306)"?

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When I run GenericImportExport.seq, the call to  DB_PLImpotExportProperties brings up the Import/Export dialog. When I copy that step into my existing sequence, the error "Unknown variable or property name. (Error = -17306)" is thrown. I can see no difference between the two. They also appear to be running in the same environment.


Any suggestions?

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Copy the local variables from GenericImportExport.seq to the local variables of your sequence.

This should resolve the issue.

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Oops, unfortunately I already went in a different direction before I saw this post, and deleted my example. I'm pretty sure I copied the locals that were being explicitly used. I am a little concerned that this implies that the local variables are somehow changed by the DLL call without being explicitly passed. Is that correct?

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So this was bothering me enough that I went back and recreated the problem. I cannot even call the entire sequence without getting this error.


I added a step to my test sequence that makes a call to the sequence GenericImportExport.seq in a separate file (where it was installed). Right-clicking on the the step and selecting "Run Selected Steps" causes the subject error.


I CAN use the tool menu "Import/Export properties..." or open the sequence itself and run ImportExport without a problem.

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I understand your problem.


The import/Export utility is to download the propertly files during offline\static mode.


For dynamic or runtime loading use the property loader step type.

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Accepted by topic author gizmogal

Further to the post :


The DLL is not able to find some variable and thus errors out.You can check the code at :

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2010 SP1\Components\StepTypes\Database


However you can copy the step itself into your sequence ( rather than calling the sequence) and its variables.

This will work.The DLL uses the Teststand local variables.


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Okay, that did work.


I think it's unconventional to have a dll make use of variables outside itself - it's not an effective use of data hiding for sure. Dll methods should not make any assumptions about the caller.


But at least the problem is explained now.



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