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Why are all fields in the "Module Setting" for a labView type step read-only?


Hi all,


I just started creating a project with testStand 2010. I have the full development license for labVierw and testStand. I have added a "labView" step to my sequence but the "Module" fields in the "Step Settings for Action" are read-only ("Project path" and "VI Path" fields are greyed out and show "Step is read only" when hovering over the icons with the mouse). What may be the problem?





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Perhaps the file is read-only? Or an execution is running which is using the sequence file.


You can change the sequence editor option to allow editing of read-only files if you prefer.



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Hi Doug,

Thanks for your reply. The test is not running and the sequence file is not read-only (it is OK to add / change etc anything else). I have not changed any of the properties which may have to do with read-only attributes...

I am still looking into it and will post a reply if I find anything different ...





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Just a thought but do you only have an evaluation copy of LV that expired.  That happened to me once.  I had forgotten to install the license and I saw that exact behavior.  It was odd.

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Hi Jigg,


I have installed LV together with TestStand, LabWindows etc (Developers' Suite) and I have a valid license for all.

I can run labView on its own and open the project I want to hook up in TestStand, run it etc. I just do not seem to be able to change any of the "Module" Fileds in the LabView step properties ... any ideas?





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Well, I think I *may* have had license issues... Frankly I do not know what issue exactly, but I tried reactivating the licenses for the NI products I have installed (can't see any difference in the "greened" buttons in the license manager between "before" anf "after"), closed labView, TestStand, reopened them and now those fields are modifiable ...

Thanks for your suggestions.



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I realize this is an old post, but I thought I'd add some info. This happened to me because a "Save File" Dialog was open in LabVIEW after Stepping Into the code during execution, which caused TestStand to have issues with LabVIEW Code Modules. TestStand seems to be sensitive to the state of the Code Adapter (e.g. LabVIEW, CVI) that it calls into.

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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