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Who has a valid link available for c # customized modelsupport2.dll of Teststand

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Hi, Guys:


      I have a questions need your help.


       The thing is, I saw a question in the NI discussion area about how to create a customized NI Teststand operator interface. Here is the web link : 


      I found a reply as below and said it can refer to another example: 


      But when I click on this link, it jumps to the Home page of the NI support area, which means that this page no longer exists.


      I am currently trying to use create a customer operator interface of NI Teststand through .NET (I don't know how to build Labwindow/CVI project and it report errors always), so I sincerely hope to have this example as a reference. Do you have a backup of this example here? Or can I access it through other links?


      Thank you for your help!

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See Working with the TestStand Simple User Interface - C#.NET

This user interface example is located in the following directory:

 <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\CSharp\TestExec.sln

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    Thank you very much for your reply!


    But I think you may have misunderstood my meaning.


    I can now implement a customized Teststand user interface, including using ActiveX controls provided by NI, or through a console program that is invoked through command line+parameters. What I hope is that by changing modelsupport2.dll, there is no UUT dialog control (integrated into the main interface). In the link I am looking for, it is said that it has already been implemented in C #, which is why I am looking for this link.


    thank you so much again for your help!

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Accepted by topic author angus2022

Perhaps these?

Disable or Modify the UUT Serial Number Dialogue Box in TestStand

Customize UUT Information Dialog Box in TestStand

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Yes, this is the information as I need. Thank you very much for your patient help!

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