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Which SQL script to use for setting up default TestStand tables?

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I'm creating a small test application and would like to log test results to an SQL Server database. The Preparing to Implement Database Logging page mentions scripts that I can use to set up my database. In my folder, I found 3 table creation scripts:

  • SQL Server Create Generic Insert Result Tables.sql
  • SQL Server Create Generic Recordset Result Tables.sql
  • SQL Server Create Stored Proc Result Tables.sql

What are the differences between these, and which should I use?




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In the database options dialog --> Go to the schemas tab and click on each one of the options ( generic recordset,Generic INsert,etc).In the comments section you will find the difference.


You can use either of them but ensure that the whatever tables script you have run on the DB same option is selected in the DB options.

Hope this helps.


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