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Whats the meaning of this Error

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Hi All, Can any one explain me this error? When I am converting response i got from message popup to float64 I am getting this error It will cause run time error, if i give continue I am getting proper output. Best Regards Manasa M
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@ManasaM wrote:
Hi All, Can any one explain me this error?

And what exactly is "this error".  What is the response you get?  How are you doing the conversion?

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Sorry for the improper communication .. image was not attached.


please check this image:



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The Result.Response variable is a string, that's why you get this error. The Float64() function expects a number.  

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Accepted by topic author ManasaM

If you want to get the entered "number of iterations" from the Message Popup step, better use the Val() function:


Locals.numberOfIterations = Val(RunState.Sequence.Main["Select number of iterations"].Result.Response)

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Actually i found this function (float64()) in TestStand for loop example.

Where do i get the list of functions available in TestStand?


Best Regards

Manasa M

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You find all available functions in TestStand help.


if you create an expression, click on this symbol f.PNGfor expression browser.


You will see all the functions in a structured way for numeric, string etc. with their help:




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