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What is ProxyCaller

I get error message below sometimes and it has ProxyCaller appended to the name of one of our VIs. I see no reference to anything called 

ProxyCaller in this VI or its subs. Where from might it originate?





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When do you see this error?


I believe TestStand uses a ProxyCaller VI to call the actual Code Module VI.

Ray Farmer
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I also get an error sometimes where the ProxyCaller text is appended to my vi file name in the run-time error popup in TestStand.  I have a sequence that runs hundreds of vi's over many hours that use Excel Active X calls, but once in a while, it throws this error.  I haven't been able to nail down exactly what's causing it yet.

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Hi fazekasc,


I hope you are doing well today.  Could you provide us a screenshot of the error you are seeing?  How often do you see this error?  Any other information you could provide us regarding this issue would be helpful.  Thanks!  Have a great day!

Taylor G.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I have this issue as well. When run the teststand, it throws the error when call vi.The error as follow;


Unknown System Error in>Clock>Clock




I just call labview vi.


The using software version as follow;

Teststand: 2.01f

Labview: 6.1


Best Regards,

Roy Jiang

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Hi Roy,


I hope you are doing well today!  In order to troubleshoot this further, as I mentioned in a previous post, could you provide some more information about your setup?  Is this error occurring consistently, or does it seem to be random?  Can you see exactly where the error is being thrown in your code by using Highlight Execution in your VI?  Can the VI run simply from LabVIEW, or does this happen no matter where you are calling the VI from?  Could you provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing?  Any other information you can give us will help us attempt to reproduce the error on our end, too.  Thanks, Roy.  Have a great day!

Taylor G.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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OK, a bit of thread necro here....


I'm also seeing this error but it has nothing whatsoever to do with Teststand.


I'm using LV 2012 and am calling a VI dynamically via strict VI reference (Which is obtained only once and then cached).  All works fine until CPU load gets too high and then I start getting error messages that User Event inputs are invalid (The VI I am calling dynamically uses User Events).


More info:  I open a reference to the application instance (in my case port 3345).  then I get a reference to the local VI (Works fine) and call it whenever needed with the correct parameters (Thanks to being a strict typedef reference).


Every once ina  while I get the error mentioned previously. Something seems to be going awry when doing tthis with high CPU load.  I also have the system forced to a single core for testing.


User Event Error at high CPU load.png


Here's an image of where exactly the error is being generated.  Note that once I click the error away, it continues to run fine.  The error is not persistent.


User Event Error at high CPU load error producing node.png



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Never mind.  I found the problem.  A Simple timeout issue.


I also apologise for polluting the Teststand Forum.  I didn't realise the thread wasn't in the LabVIEW forum....

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LabView Champions are always welcome





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