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What Lookup String can I use to get the sequence file name and the step name form a DLL?

My sequence makes a DLL call to a function written in CVI. In that CVI function I need to know the name of the sequence call and the name of the particular step that made the call. I know that by using the function TS_PropertyGetValString I can get different parameters. What is the Lookup String that I should use to get the name of the sequence (actualy, the file name) and the name of the step that made the call?

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Yariv Guy
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Hi yarriv,

To get the sequence file use RunState.SequenceFilePath. This returns the full pathname.

To get the step name use
TS_PropertyGetProperty(propObj, &errorInfo , TS_PropertyName, CAVT_CSTRING, &Name);

If the propObj is for a Step Object then the step name is returned. If for a Sequence Object then the sequence Name is returned.

Hope this helps

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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