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WTH happened to NI, LabView 2016 64 bit and 32 bit in Windows 10?

Sorry to complain, but this has been the WORST experience with NI Products in 20 years! Neither LV 2016 or TestStand 2016 64-bit works in Windows 10 64 bit! So many crashes, incompatibilities, drivers not loading/seeing instruments, multiple installs & re-installs required to even get many drivers to load, then they don't even work! After over a month of fighting with it, a notice "compatibility" finally comes out in Dec 2017 (LV2016 64 bit had been out for how long?)! Changed to 2016 32-bit versions, and only slightly better! Sorting through so many version of NI-Max, and other drivers to get a complete set of compatible pieces has added another month, and some are still not working (NI USB-5680-01 intermittent, shows up in Max, but Front Panel doesn't sow in Max and doesn't see and sensors). I'm assuming Win10 64 bit COM & NI issues/incompatibilities.


Then IVI drivers are unsupported in TestStand 64 bit and NO IVI RF drivers in any 32-bit or 64-bit (NO Custom Steps and no software groups)! IVI Compatibility packages don't seem to work either.


And the complete concept change for RF (AWR) and a separate purchase of a new tool (after we bought "ALL Inclusive" licenses), many NI instruments don't come up and find/load their drivers. I had to manually search for 5 different NI RF instrument drivers, and one of my non-NI instruments only has an IVI driver.


I'm not sure if upgrading to 2017 will help, but I certainly don't have another month to try it and troubleshoot/work through all those issues and not have it work!

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That doesn't sound like a very fun time. 


I've been using LV 2016 and TS 2016 on W10 for a while now without any issues.  Granted they are both 32-bit (I'm to scared to go to 64 bit because it's still "new").


My rules with NI products are these:

  • Never use a new release.  Always wait for the service pack.
    • This way they at least catch all the major bugs
  • Wait at least 2-3 years when a new product or idea comes out before standardizing on it
    • If you don't they will realize they architected it poorly and change the architecture completely.  I'm seeing this with NI Package Manager right now a little bit. I broke the rule for NI PM because it was built on a Debian technology which had been around for a while
    • Another great example of this is GOOP vs LVOOP.  Everyone who did GOOP regrets it that I've talked to.
    • I refuse to move to channel wires until 2019 (if ever).  And I definitely won't be going to NXG for several years.
  • Always use different software from the same Bundle (used to be called Developer Suites).
    • They tend to test it all together and better when they do bundle releases
    • Easier to share code if you work in a multi-developer environment
  • Avoid IVI if possible :)
    • I've never been impressed with it

That being said I still think they have the best support around and are generally willing to at least give me a usable workaround when I do come across bugs or issues. 


Sorry to hear you went through this.  Hope things get better for you and hope that NI can give you the needed support.



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Hi Imoseley,


I understand that having to do all this troubleshooting for a month must have been very frustrating. I would recommend reaching out to our support team for help with many issues that you are having. Our team of Applications Engineers will always be happy to help troubleshoot with you and make sure that you are successful in your projects. I hope we can make your experience with our products more enjoyable and less tiresome.


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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