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Visual Studio Adding Controls to Full-Featured

I am trying to modify the Full-Featured GUI - the C++ Using MFC version- in Visual Studio 2010 but nothing I do to the resource file seems to "take".


I went through and added a TestStand ActiveX Listbox along with a standard button and listbox. While I can see my changes when I test the dialog box (see attached), when I actually run the application (either in VS 2010 or outside of it) it's like I didn't make a change at all (see attached).


Any ideas as to what's going on here?

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Nevermind. I got it. 


I'm used to just placing the controls and running in in older versions of Visual Studio. VS 2010 is new to me so I figured I was doing something wrong. It took me a while to figure out that these GUI samples size/move the controls programatically. 

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