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VI runs well in Labview2015 but wrong in TS2013 VI call

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Firstly, I want to use MUXdll.dll in TS, but TS can't recognize them, I think it's has no library.


So I have to build LIN bus configuration VI by labview2015 and it runs well in lv, but when i call this vi in TS2013 with VI call, it can't perform it's function and show 2nd connection wrong message(the 1st message is in the sequence structure before this one) I write in the vi:


my VI call is:


It seems i lost some steps before doing the VI call? what can i do for this?


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Hi Johnnnywang,


First thing you can try to to ensure that TestStand 2013 is calling LabVIEW using the development enviroment. You can configure this in Configure >> Adaptors >> Configure >> LabVIEW Development System. This should call the VI the exact same way as when you run it in LabVIEW. If you do not get the error at that point, then there is probably an issue when trying to call your VI in Run-Time. 


If the error still occures, then there could be an issue with TestStand calling the VI. If that is the case, can you break the VI down to it's least reproducable case? 



Ben H.
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello benthere:

     thanks for your reply, I tried to change the configuration of the adapter, wrong message remains. then after i add a boolean value to show the result in the vi, the message dissapeared in calling with default TS labview adapter configuration.

I still don't know why but issue removed fortunately.

Thank you anyway!




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