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VI files can't be found in Teststand program after new installation of LV

Why does my test program require a reload of VI in every step after i installed a newer version of Labview. It says it cant find the file and after reloading the vi, there's the following error New LVV error.jpg


Is there a way to fix it 

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Hey Stewie,



If you've upgraded your version of LabVIEW and you're trying to run VIs in the newer LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, you need to recompile them for the new LabVIEW version. The 2013 Run-Time Engine probably sees these VIs, detects that they were compiled in an old version of LV, and throws an error.


The other thing that could go wrong is that the VIs are broken/missing dependencies. In this case, the Run-Time Engine will see that and also throw an error.


Either way, you can fix it by opening the VIs in your new version of LabVIEW, fixing any broken run arrows, and force recompiling by hitting run while holding Ctrl.




Ryan Curtis

Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Ryan,


I configured the labview adapter settings in teststand to use the Development system and that fixed the 2nd problem. But the VI file-not-found problem for every step still persists which means I have to load the file manually. It would be difficult to do this for 100's of steps for a validated program.

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Have you tried using the Update VI Calls tool?


Tools -> Update VI LV NXG VI calls (TestStand 2017)

Luis CT
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Yeah but that still does not solve the problem

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Hey Stewie, 


Are you still seeing the unable to load in the VI Runtime problem with all of your VIs? Have you walked through all of this KB?



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Where is this: Tools -> Update VI LV NXG VI calls (TestStand 2017) for TestStand 2019?

I have the same issue but ussing LV & TestStand 2019.

Any feed back is highly appreciated it.


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