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Using the same file in all testsockets in parallel model

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I have parallel model with 4 test sockets. 

All 4 test sockets contains step where .ini file is read/write.

All 4 test sockets are using the same .ini file.


If any two or more test sockets want to read/write into same .ini file at the same time program crashes since for test socket .ini file is not available.


How can I solve this?



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Accepted by topic author AndrazS

Lock the step that is writing the .ini file.


Click on the step and in the step Properties click the Synchronization section.  Check the Use Lock to Allow Only One Thread at a Time to Execute the Step box.  You can give it a name of anything you like or just leave it blank and it will use the step ID (which is what you want in this case).


Hope this helps,

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