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Using XNET database in teststand with selectable signal list



I have problems using the XNET database in teststand. I want a drop down menu of all frames(or signals) of a XNET database in teststand. Is this possible? I tried a VI that has a frame list and a signal list as input. When I click in the inputs using Labview, I can select my database and then the frame or signal. I saved the Labview-project and reloaded the VI in teststand. With teststand, the frame and signal lists are empty. The connection to the XNET database might be lost. I tried the Open Database function in Teststand but this does not load the XNET databases (udl file needed).


What can I do?



LabVIEW 2018
Veristand 2018
Teststand 2017
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Hi ManuKlause,


I've got a product doing exactly this (step types collection + edit steps to read/write signals on a CAN bus based on a XNET DB).

You can contact me directly if you'd like to now more about it.


However the trick here is that we also had a hard time to make it work.

We ended up displaying rings which are populated thanks to XNET DB queries results...


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