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Using Type Files When Committing To Source Control


Hi all,


I have a project that will use custom steps types and custom data types. I would like to know how to manage this in source control.


The problem I have is that when I add a types.ini file, it does not allow me to enter a relative path (relative to my workspace) to its location. So I try to use the MyTypes.ini from the default <TestStand Public>/Components/TypePalettes/ directory. The problem with this is that If I revert to a previous version form source control on my deployment machine, the MyTypes.ini is not going to be reverted and I will get errors when they dont match the sequence files I just reverted, so I would have to manually do this which is not sustainable. 


Does anyone have a good idea of how to approach this problem? I basically want to use source control to develop the test on my development machine and check that code out of source control on the deployment machine without having to do any extra steps if I just want to revert to a previous version quickly. All the type files should go with my source control version so I can test a previous release but I cant use absolute paths because it may be different on the deployment machine. 



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Loads of views and no answers🤔

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Hi semaj,


You need to create a TestStand Environment, so that all the configuration files can be set to a different location from the default.


Then you can set this path to your source code control, and you can manage as you like.



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