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Using NI TestStand to access "Invert Grat" command on a Keysight 3000 scope.



I'm currently using NI TestStand to automate a Keysight 3000 scope. The screen capture operation works, but the graticule in the report is "inverted" colored. I'm trying to figure out what TestStand command could activate "Invert Grat" operation so that the picture can be captured in a "non-inverted graticule" format.


Is this a NI TestStand question or should I direct this question to an Keysight forum.


Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to any and all responses. 😎

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No way a TestStand question, it is just a sequencer where you define the series of operations it has to do and you define what each operation is.


Some scopes do this colour inversion called the ink-saver technique if this screen capture were to be printed, not sure if that is the one.

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