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Using LabVIEW OOP Objects with TestStand 2010

I need to use labview classes in Teststand 2010. I am not able to pass reference between Labview and Teststand.

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TestStand does not provide native support to handle LVOOP objects directly. If you need to pass LVOOP object references through TestStand, National Instruments recommends the following procedure.


Using LabVIEW OOP Objects with TestStand



Houssam Eddine Kassri

NI Germany


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TestStand 2010 added support for LabVIEW classes (more detail is in the TestStand 2010 New features help topic, LabVIEW support section), so this should be possible.  Can you provide a bit more detail/screenshots on what you are seeing when you load a VI with a LabVIEW class?  Are you seeing the same behavior with all LabVIEW classes or just a particular one?

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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Or leave it in Labview and use an action engine.


That's what I have done.



Ray Farmer
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