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Using IVI-COM Oscilloscope drivers in NI Teststand


I am using Teststand 2014 and have a project I am currently working on that uses the Keysight Infiniium MultiScope functionality. I have been able to figure out how to do a lot of what I need but the part that is eluding me is something that should be simple in my opinion but I simply am unable to figure it out.

How do I select the scope channel I wish to configure, acquire or perform a measurement on? There is nothing I can find that tells me how to do this and none of the properties or methods I can see has a way to designate the channel.

I can get several properties via the IIviScopeChannels interface, this includes Count, Item and Name, but I can't figure out if any of this will help me.

This is seriously frustrating me. 

Martin Fredrickson
Test Engineer

Northrop Grumman
Advanced Systems and Products
San Diego, CA 92128
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Usually you just do something like this where the Item is based on the Channel Name.


I realize this is LabVIEW. But since it's similar you would just access in the same way. IVIDriver.Measurements.Item("Chan1").FetchWaveform


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