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Using IEnumerable<string> Variables

Banging my head on something that should be simple.  Any help is appreciated.


I was thinking generics were now supported in TestStand.


Trying to use a local variable to pass into .NET method, but getting conversion errors.  I know it is a mismatch between Array of Strings and the IEnumerable<string>, but not sure how to setup as the variable.















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Here is more details.


Based on link: TestStand 2010 New Features - TestStand 2019 Help - National Instruments (


Generics Support

The .NET Adapter supports all fully-specified generic types that the public members of an assembly use. Thus, the adapter supports any generic type used as a parameter, return value, property, or field type in a public member. For example, you can call an assembly with a method that takes the List<Int32> type as a parameter and you can create instances of the type and call members on the type.



So the question is... how do you setup a variable to pass into method for List<string> or IEnumerable<string>?




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You will have to create a List<string> (the class should be available in whatever assembly uses that type in a public member) and then copy the teststand array into that using List<string>.Add() in a For Each Or For loop like the following:




Unfortunately TestStand does not currently support implicit conversion of a TestStand array into a List<T> or IEnumerable<T> of the corresponding basic type. That would be a reasonable feature request though.


Hope this helps,



Some examples of what the module specification looks like:





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Thanks for the info.  I finally broke down and changed my API to just use a string array to get around this.  As you mentioned, it would be nice to get this feature added as many APIs use List and flavors these days.

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