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Using ASAM XIL steps to call RT sequences on different targets

I am trying to use these ASAM XIL steps to call RT sequences,  my veristand simulation has multiple targets. How do I specify to which target the RT sequence will get deployed?

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Hello there, 

I'm just wondering if you have found a solution for your problem? 

I too have the same problem where I have 2 target and have no idea on how to select the deployed target 

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Hello to anyone whose looking for a solution to this problem,


I have contacted a NI engineer regarding this issue and he has responded that there is no direct solution or a way to select the specific target from the ASAM XIL step. The current solution is to modify or copy the rtsequence and veristand project in order to apply it to a different target. Basically creating a separate file for the target. I hope this post will help with your projects. .


Best regards,


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