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User defined XML format for result export

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I would like to export the results from my whole test sequence to a new XML file. The format for the XML file is given and fixed.


My first try was to create a LabView VI to export the data to XML.

I read that there is no way to define the format with the standard version of LabView. But I get the hint that there is some upgrade so I can define the XML format by myself.


Does anybody know what upgrade I need?


Or does anybody know how to do the XML export in another way?


Thanks for your help!

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Are you saying that you want to export the ResultList? 


XML reports are built in to TestStand already and it is basically the result list that gets put into the xml file, it's been there since the inception of TestStand.  Do you want an XML file in addition to the report?


I'm confused exactly what you are looking for here?

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Thanks for your reply.


I want some of the results out of the result list and export these results into a xml file.


The problem is that I want to define how the xml file should look like.


For example I want to define the structure and I want to use different levels. For example:


<Test procedure 1>

  <Measurement 1>


  </Measurement 1>

  <Measurement 2>


  </Measurement 2>

</Test procedure 1>


I have to export the results in this format because a database has to import the results automatically. So I have no influence on the format of the xml file.

My test procedure includes 5 measurements for each test procedure.


I think that the xml export which is included in TestStand doesn't allow to change the format and the style of the xml file, right?!


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Accepted by TestStandNeuling

You are correct that the current implementation doesn't allow you to do this.


You have a couple options:

1- create your own plugin that parses your resultlist and generates the XML file

2- create something at the end of MainSequence that parses the resultlist and generates the XML file


It depends on the scope of your project.  If this is a 1 and done type thing then option 2 would be easier.  If this is something you will use accross multiple tests then I would go with Option 1.


In either case you need to go parse thorugh the result list and generate the XML.  I recommend keeping the algorithm in TestStand to iterate through the resultlist.  It is much easier and simpler.  Just create a subsequence that does this and pass the result list to it.



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Thanks for your help!


I think I will go with option 2

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