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User Manager/Globals with Depolyed TestStand System

Here is a question(s) I hope someone can answer.....


Once I have a deployed Teststand System, how do I easily add operators to the test setup if the development system isn't installed. Can it be done locally?



Also, a few COM port settings in my system globals can vary depending on the PC it is installed on. To change these, I think all I need to do is create a sequence file to prompt the user for the new com port. But how can I do that without loading the station model first? I just want to run the sequence independantly.





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One option would be to deploy the fully featured user interface. You can get more information on deployments through chapter 14 of the teststand reference manual. It will allow you to edit variables, add operators, etc. You can also run a sequence without running the process model by going to execute » run main sequence. This will bypass the model entry points. Another way but more difficult would be to directly call into TestStand's active X server through labview/cvi/measurement studio and add users and manipulate variables through the TestStand API. 



Richard S -- National Instruments --Applications Engineer -- Data Acquisition with TestStand

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Thanks Richard. That answers my question about the user interface.


However, referring to bypassing the model. Once I have just the deployment license running, I don't believe I can just run the mainsequence so I would need to code it into the sequence somehow.



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You can use the main sequence entry point when you deploy with the fully featured user interface. C:\Program Files\National Instruments\TestStand 4.2\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured


If you like you can also call entry points using the TestStand API and directly interfacing with the Active X server.

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Richard S -- National Instruments --Applications Engineer -- Data Acquisition with TestStand

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To run a sequence independently and without a model you could just call it from the Tools menu.
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