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Use time () as a precondition

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Does anyone know if/ how you can use the string from time() as a precondition in a sequence? My workplace has a 2 shift pattern, so for all intents, I want to use any time up to 0300 on day 2 as the same day as  0800 on day 1. I want to call a checkout sequence to run in the first test if the working day, so will use date() as a precondition as well.


I have tried using the val() function, but it doesn't recognise the hh:mm:ss format.



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Get Date:


// Return Numberic:
Date(true, Locals.Year, Locals.Month, Locals.Day)



Get Time:


// Return Numberic:
Time(true, Locals.Hour, Locals.Minute, Locals.Second)



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That's great, thank you

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