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Use steps (Labview) and other steps (C - dll) in the same teststand sequence file

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Good morning all,


I am working on a TestStand sequencer where I use steps (Labview).

Now I want to interface a maintenance software developed in C (via dlls) with this same sequence file.

So the question is whether I can use two languages "Labview" and "C (dll)" in the same sequence file? knowing that the adapter configuration is initially on labview.


I am really stuck.

I will be very grateful for your help

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Note : original answer here, in french, translated here for non-french reader community members




You can mix Adapter in a same sequence. This is done in the Mobile device test demo, that you can find in <TestStandPublic>\Examples\Demos\Mobile Device Test\Mobile Device Test.seq. It mixes LabVIEW, DLL and .Net calls.


In the sequence editor, you can select the adapter for next step instanciation, in the Environment toolbar, or in the Insertion Palette :

Adapter selectionAdapter selection



You also can modify the adapter for an existing step, by using the Step Settings » Properties » General » Adapter selector:

Step Settings » General » AdapterStep Settings » General » Adapter


 Best regards,

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If you don't seem to be able to change the adapter, you might want to show the adapters by unchecking the Hidden option in Configure->Adapters



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