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Update steps with new parameters of custom step types in sequences

Hi Everyone,


I'm having some custom step types and added some paramters to the additional results of all steps.

But I want to update my existing sequence files with the change, and resolving the type conflict will only update the step type in the sequence files, but not the actual steps.

Is there any known way to update the all the steps in the sequence files, or I should create a script to update each seq file each step?


thanks in advance.


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When you are changing the step type there is a checkbox on the General tab called Apply Changes in this Dialog Box to all Loaded Steps of this Type.  As long as all of your sequence files are open at the time you are editing the step type and you have that box checked then it will push all updates out to the steps when you hit OK.

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Hi Jigg,


That is not entirely true. It depends on what kind of a property you are editing.

For example I wanted to add Additional Results to all the custom steps I created. 

I cannot copy the parameters from one step type to the other.

And also by editing the prototype in the StepTypes will not update the steps in the sequence files even if the seq file is open. 


PS: I already scripted to update all the types and the steps in the seqfiles, I saw no other way.


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