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Uncovered requirement issue in NI RGW --> Child is covered from main requirement but still coverage ratio is not 100%

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Hello All, 


This is more or less question about NI requirements gateway 2018.

I am having .wrk (text) file where all the requirements are defined and those should be traced against NI test stand sequence file.


Normally in .wrk files requirements looks like this, 

for example, 





and in test seq. there are requirements which are defined in the test sequences looks like this, 



and so on.


As you can see above 1_b is part of Comp_1_b, and requirement gateway do tracing of it properly.

But as Comp_1_b is not covered and part of it covered, so there is massage  and tracing is not done 100%.

I have attached some screenshot to understand it better, 

in Number 1 you can see that overall quality is 90% and 1 uncovered requirements.

In number 2 there is screenshot of Graphical view, where all requirements are traced.

So I am looking for solution to say if child requirement is covered then do not show the uncovered requirement keys and tracing should show 100% coverage.


I hope I have explained my problem properly.

Looking for answer or any help.

Thank you in advance.




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Some How I figure it out that I might need to change the "" file in that there is rules for "uncovered" requirements.

May be if someone has any idea or information which changes in "" file fit to my requirement would be great help.


As I said I want to make sure if part of main requirement (Child requirement) is covered then in "coverage ratio" should reflect accordingly and consider that parent is also covered if child is covered.  



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I think a Macro-Requirement might be what you need from this case (See RG's help, page 49). These are requirements that are not intended to be directly covered. Instead, if all their child requirements are covered, they count as covered too.


I modified the included example for text files (location might be similar to C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\Requirements Gateway 2018\Examples\Text) to demonstrate how to use Macro-Requirements. See the attached .zip file to this reply.


I am not familiar with what type of RG supports .wrk files to exactly know the syntax, but it should be possible as long as the regular expressions for the start and end of a macro-requirement are followed. Let me know if there are any other questions.

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Thank you very much for Email and suggestions.

I need help to figure it out the expression which I can use in Macro-Requirement.

.wrk files are kind of Hbook formate from word file. I am attaching one of it here for reference.


I have attached here a folder which contains .wrk file which can be opened via Notepad or Notepad++, Test sequence and RGW project file.


In .wrk file there is an requirement for example "tcm_SC-HW_123" and in Test sequence file test contain the requirement without "tcm_"  it means requirement in TS is "SC-HW_123".  As SC-HW_123 is part of  tcm_SC-HW_123, I want to get 100% cover ration.


Here I have attached some screenshot about what I did.

Picture 1 is how the main screen looks like, where we can see in rule check window that Undefined requirement is "SC-HW_123" and uncovered is "tcm_SC-HW_123".


Picture 2 is about how I define Macro requirement, I think I need help here to find correct expression.


Picture 3 is about my regular expression.


One more question, do I need to change the Macro requirement in Test sequence file (in RGW) or is it? I am not sure where to do change. Normally cover arrow is from test stand file to .wrk file.


May be you can guide me here. 

Thank you very much in advance 🙂


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HI Ankit..


looking at the wrk file you provided, I doubt that you will ever be able to define a regular expression (regex) which is able to determine a Macro Requirement with that structure.


NI Requirements is using the regex to retrieve information on requirements. Links between/covers of requirements in the requirements document and code is detected once the code contains the full requirement ID in a way which is defined in a different regex.

Your efforts on building a custom type helps you to meet "standard requirements" in your wrk file like tcm_hw_chassis_color as long as this is treated as a full requirement ID and used in code appropriately.

Macro Requirements, which indeed sound to help your approach, require you to have a clear opening and closing tag in the requirements document. But since "tcm_" is already part of standard requirements, it cannot be used as an opening tag for Macro Requirements.

Macro Requirements are not recommended in case you just want to use partial requirement IDs in code and still detect a link/cover.

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Thank you very much Norbert for reply.


So there is no solution for the problem which I posted or?

Is there any solution to say partial requirement is detected in the report.


Thank you once again.




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Hi Ankit,


if your requirements document can be modified, there is an option using the Macro Requirements.

CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
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Thank you very much for reply.


Requirement document is not possible at the moment for us to modify.

But we will see in future if there is chance to do this.


One more question may be not related to this, but how to show the table of Unknown/ Undefined requirements key in the report generated from the RGW.

As you can see in attachment Pic1 show that in RGW undefined requirement key is detected

Pic2 is report derived from RGW, where you can see the table of uncovered requirement

Pic 3 is from "Edit report" window from RGW.


Many thanks in advance and suggestions once again.

Best Regards, 




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Accepted by topic author Ankit..

Hi Ankit,


doing some research showed that the Analysis Results report type already lists uncovered and undefined requirements.

Did you use that as template?

CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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Thank you very much for hint and suggestions.


Best Regards, 


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