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Unable to Launch LabVIEW.Application

I am running into an issue after a fresh install. The install was pushed through System Link.


The error is fixed if I run TestStand in Admin mode or in Runtime, but I do have the development license so should be able to run in dev.


I have tried, doing a repair and re-installing everything, no fix. I feel like I am missing something simple.


LV2021 SP1 

TestStand 2021 SP1



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Can you try to launch LV as a non-admin user and then check if you still get the error?


When LV is launched as non-admin user, it adds the required registry keys so that TS can use LV's COM interface. 



Anand Jain


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The licenses are assigned to the user and all the users that have the licenses are also admins on the PC. 

so I can login with a non admin user but they don’t have the necessary licenses to run LV. 


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