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UI message not send

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I use Teststand 2019 with the batch model.


I have a small sequence file created in Teststand 2019 (attached to this question). 

When all 3 teststeps in the Pmax sequence are passed, the UI message are send to my user interface and everything works fine.

When one step fails (for instance the current step fails), then the UI message for current and power are not send even though the step status is Done.


Does anyone know how to solve this problem.


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If you go to Configure>>Station Options and look at the Execution tab.  What is the setting for Immediately Goto Cleanup on Sequence Failure.  If this is checked then it makes sense the behavior you are seeing.  This is because your sequence is jumping to the Cleanup step group (which is why you also have the Batch exit in there).


Another thing I noticed.  Instead of using RunState.Root.Parameters.TestSocket.Index to get the socket index you should use: RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex.  You are never guaranteed that the root will contain that variable.  Especially if you execute with a sequential model.


Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your reply


I have check my station options and "Immediately Got Cleanup on sequence Failure" is switched off as you can see in the attachment.

In the Capture.png you can see the behavior. The steps after current are executed even though the Current step fails. So, the seq does not jump to cleanup.


What is the best way to debug this problem ?




I have changed RunState.Root.Parameters.TestSocket.Index to RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex. Thanks for the tip.

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I found the problem.

I ran this sequence on the pc with the option Execuut -> Break on step failure switched on. 


Thanks for your assistance and tip

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