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I have a sequence with Three Sockets,  and I need to make a visual sign for the operator one by Socket.


I put one LED by socket (double Color), and I need to Turn RED or Green depending if the Socket [x] pass or fail.


I'm running in parallel, so every socket is independent of the others.


Any body can give me an Idea?


Thank you guys!


PD: I know how to turn ON/ OFF the LEDs, I just need to know how to choose RED or Green depending of the result..

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I hope you are working with UI Messages for this!


As i expect the LED to turn into a specific color only if TS defines the UUT's state, you can hook up to the "DisplayReport" UI Message or define your custom one.

If you choose to go for a custom one, you should pass ThisContext as ActiveX data param to read out the socket index and the result. Use this information to re-color, turn off or on your LED display for this specific socket.



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The LEDs are Real, not LabView displays.


so, I'm using a DIO to turn ON/OFF LEDs, but I just need to know how can I identify if the UUT PASS or FAIL all test (inside the individual sequence) to Turn RED or GREEN (or turn the Digital Outputs for red or green LEDs)

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Accepted by topic author LuisMontoya
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

In the PostUUT callback of your sequence file or directly in the process model sequence you can check the result of the UUT and update the corresponding LED based on RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex.

For example:


Locals.whichLed = FileGlobals.MyLEDs[RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex]


Then call a code module to do the updating of the hardware:


UpdateLEDState(Locals.whichLed, Parameters.Result.Status)


Hope this helps,


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