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Transmit Receive same



I'm trying to send CAN messages via TestStand. The equipment i'm using is the NI USB-8473, and from the provided examples - 'Frame - Basic.llb', i am successfully sending the mesages using the 'Transmit Receive same'.


However trying to call this vi from TestStand is proving difficult.

I suspect the Arbitration Id is incorrect. In the 'Transmit Receive same' front panel i am entering "8FF0201", and in TestStand - Parameter Type = Numebr (U32) i use "419365377" but the expected result in UUT doesn't occur.


I don't know how to debug this?

The Highlight-Function is LabVIEW although active seems to be bypassed.


can anyone help.



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419365377 == 0x18FF0201 ( in your posting the initial 1 is missing).

Assuming its a typo mistake what error/failure message are you getting?

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the postin was an typo. I do use 0x18FF0201 on Front Panel.

I now think the 419365377 from TestStand is ok. But am wondering how the Buttons for Write & Stop are to be controlled from TestStand.

I call the vi - with Stop= False and Write = True - but then the vi should continue running until i change Stop to state True.

I suspect i have to redesign the vi. Any ideas how?







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I got it - simply changed while to for...


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