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TipStrip Localization Bug

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Hi there,


I'm building some Custom Step Types. I want my button and conrols strings saved in a *.ini file (MyStepTypeStrings.ini) in Components/Languages/English. My code modules are builds in LabVIEW, and I have trouble with TipStrip localization : TS_MY_TIP_STRIP¨becomes MY_TIP_STRIP. As I'm using standard OK/Cancel/Help buttons, I first localize for Category COMMON_DLG, and then for Category MY_CATEGORY.


The VI hierarchy shows the VI TestStand - Localize Front (password protected) is calling TestStand - Localize String and Update (not protected). Here is the diagram TestStand - Localize String and Update


TestStand - Localize String and Update


Note that the output Found of TestStand - Get Ressource is not used. As long as Default String is not connected, if the Symbol is not found, TipStrip is updated with Symbol value. In my case, TS_MY_TIP_STRIP becomes MY_TIP_STRIP.


I found a workarround : if I first localize MY_CATEGORY (befor COMMON_DLG), it works fine. But it seems to me this is a bug...


Best regards,


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...There is a risk the Symbol of a TipStrip is altered if a Symbol is not found in a Category. The Found output of Get Ressource String is probably checked for Captions localization (I do not see this behavior for captions). The same protection mecanism should be implemented for TipStrip:




Could someone from NI tell me if this will be taken in count?



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I think people assume you are from NI because you have a blue name......  😮

~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
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...That's right, indeed. I quit NI France in 2010. I've changed my e-mail (two times), but I'm still a 'blue' guy ^^

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Accepted by topic author Mathieu_R.

Hey Mathieu,


I filed a report on this issue with the reference number 441858. I can see how the current behavior could be a bit unexpected, and I'm glad you found a workaround for your issue. Thanks for letting us know, and post back if you have any further questions about it!

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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