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The following destination path is too long: in Test Stand deployment but doesn't show the path

Hi - cannot build deployment because of above error, but the actual offending path is not listed in the log it just says The following destination path is too long: and nothing else.  Wondering if the One Drive path names are breaking some sort of limitation?

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You can copy/bundle all the files and put it in a folder with small path example C:\Project.

Then try to build it to confirm that the issue is wrt path.


To your question - Yes i have seen deployment path errors getting resolved using the above method. ( dont remember if it was because of path length or some characters in the path).



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I remember getting the same issue a few months ago. This answer talks about something very similar. TestStand Deployments and Packed Libraries have this in common, you need to be mindful and force some of your files to sit at specific paths to avoid things getting out of hands.

@RaviShrigiri's answer will definitely be a possible solution, you just need to be mindful about the paths on the target machine.

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Thanks to both for your response.  I did move my TestStand workspace and UI library to the root and it solved the issue

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