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TeststandAPI and base deployment license

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Hi all,


we have the following setup now, test station has Teststand Development System license. Test sequences are executed via TeststandAPI by custom made application that replaces TestStand sequence editor.


Can Development System be replaced by Teststand Base Deployment? Will it allow me to open and run test sequence via API? Read, write users etc?


I have found this link:


but it does not specify what API calls require which license type.



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The only thing you can't do with the deployment license, that I've noticed, is commit sequence files to disk.  Other than that I haven't found an API method that doesn't work on the deployment license.


There may be some adapter limitations when calling code as well.  For example, I'm not sure the deployment license can call the LabVIEW development environment.  Not sure why it couldn't if you have a valid LV license.  Either way, I doubt this will be an issue for you as it sounds like you'll be calling deployed code.


Hope this helps,

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Thanks for confirmation, i will definitely play with that. 


It seems it is also possible to 'build' Teststand sequences using tool called Teststand Deployment Utility?

Result of that deployment is single file that has all dependencies? Is it possible to interact with that deployment via TeststandAPI to for example control it from external application that has custom TS interface?

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The only interface to the TSDU is through the command line, which is limited.  So yes you can control it through an external application but only if you already have it set up beforehand.


Also, not sure if you've checked out this tool:


I've never used it but it might do what you want.

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