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Teststand user interface lost location



Im trying to open TestStand sequence throuth simple user inteface, which could be found in NI directories, by setting it as my default program for this type of files. But I get error as a respond, which says that some files cannot be found, because they are not in user inteface folder. If for example all user interface files are located in my system folder and started there, the problem disappear. However, I dont want to add user interface for my every system, so maybe there are way to configue or set default user interface, that it would find path to my system folder? I added a picture of error below.


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Are you trying to make TestExec.exe the default program for opening a .seq file?  That's not really how the user interfaces work.


It sounds like you need to install TestStand to every system.  All of the user interfaces are automatically installed with every TestStand installation so you don't really have a choice there.


It would be helpful if you give more information on what you're trying to do. 


Pulido Technologies LLC

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Sorry for not beeing clear. While I'm running program on testStand, everything works perfectly. Here I have a problem while trying to run deployment on another computer. I have included all software components needed, which involves (labview runtimes, testStand runtime, user interfaces from full testStand, device drivers, VISA and etc.). My idea is to use that interface which automaticaly instaled with testStand, but when I try to put its image on sequence (to make it my default program with which I open sequence), it promps me the folowing error, which represents that testexe.exe consider its folder as a main folder and can not find requared data there.


By using old proverb, 'If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.' Smiley LOL I made a decision that I could add user interface files to the main deployment folder and put default program image on my sequance from that location. It fixed the problem, but it is not efficient and Im searching solution how to use interface which already placed in TestStand folders.


The idea is to open many runtimes with that one interface source without creating alot copies of it for each different program. So Im trying to understand, why the sequence do not read fthe files on its folder, what is more, why testexe.exe considers its location like main system location and finaly if it is possible to set it in sequence folder without copying user interface files in it.


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My first thought is that you could create a shortcut to the Interface exe.  (C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2014\UserInterfaces\Simple\LabVIEW\Source Code\TestExec.exe)  


Since you already install TestStand, that file should already exist and should not have to be included wiht any sequence files.  


In my own case, I install one Interface and the user has to choose among sequence files.  TestExec.exe is not a sequence editor and cannot open sequence files.  Only TestStand can do that.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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And still, even in your case I have a problem , because test.exe, when I choose the sequence asks bunch of files to be loaded into its folder. Maybe you know how to set the path for exe file that it would find all these files needed for execution?

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OK.  So the problem is not the User Interface then.  You are able to choose a sequence within the UI, which means all of the code is running correctly.  If TestStand can not find the files in your deployment computer, then you need to go to the TestStand menu Configure->Search Directories and add all of your needed directories.  Alternately (though not recommended) you could hardcode the absolute paths in your code.  


Pulido Technologies LLC

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In computer which is used to install deployed system there are only "test-stand runtime" which is installed with deployment. I can not change anything in that vertion of test-stand. I dont realy think that hardcore path adding in LabView code is a solution too, couse every user can deploy the system in different location. The quastion remains why user interface exe needs to be in same folder as data files? And it is possible to unlock this thing somohow and let it freely be used with any deployed system in the computer?

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Upload some pictures of your directory structure for TestStand, your User Interface, your model file, your sequence file, and code used in the sequence file..  What you describe does not match the behavior that I see when I use TestStand with a User Interface.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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