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Teststand's sudden shutdown

Sometimes we have a problem about Teststand's sudden shutdown. one case is everytime when I execute TestUUT, Teststand will be automatically shut down, even I reinstall Teststand. My questions are:


1, Why Teststand will automatically shut down

2, Under what kinds of conditions Teststand will automatically shut down

3, How to quickly fIND the root cause? Is there any tool/method to find out what has cause the problem?

4, sometimes, the root cause lies in the called module, such as DLL, so what's the suggestion during the development of modules, in order to reduce the occurrence of Teststand shut down?


Thanks a lot!


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The only way TestStand is going to shut down automatically, is you have programmed it too, either in your IO, or by way of the command line argument /quit.

If you haven't done any of these, then its due to a code module, probably corrupting memory.

One way to locate it, is by stepping through your sequences. If your sequences are rather large, then you could place a breakpoint half way. If it hasn't crashed before you got to the breakpoint. then place the next breakpoint, halfway in the remaining steps, and so on, until you get to the point where it crashes.

Alternatively, if you can identify roughly where in the sequence of step the crash occurs, you could narrow down your placement of the first breakpoint.

If it is in a DLL, then you can run in debug mode from your IDE (such as CVI) and specfiy the SeqEditor.exe as the External Process so that you can step it too your DLL code modules.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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I've also experienced random shutdowns of Test Stand. I am using version 3.5 under Windows XP. It does not seem consistent but when it shuts down, the application window just disappears and the desktop appears. My sequences are not all that complicated and for the most part, they are TestStand steps and sequence calls. I do have a LabWindows CVI dll that does nothing more than provide an interface for accessing a DMM module (PXI-4070) and DIO bit manipulation using a DIO module (PXI-6509). I do have some tests that terminate on fail and it seems that when tests fail and terminate, it will sometimes cause a shutdown on the next run of a test. I am currently attempting an implementation that does not do any terminations and see if performance improves. I wish there was some sort of log file or something that would give some clues.


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As Ray mentioned, this behavior is typically caused by a problem in a code module. TestStand 3.5 has some new features to help you identify problems in your code modules. Go to Configure>>Station Options>>Preferences>>Debug Options, enable all three options, and rerun your sequence. If the shutdown is being caused by the code module corrupting the stack, writing outside the bounds of an array, or leaking objects, then these options should help track it down. Let us know if this helps.
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