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 Hi all,


I'm trying to migrate from (very) old teststand (4.1.1) and labview (8.5) to newest teststand/ labview version. I think everything went fine except for one specific vi which uses the variant data type as an output in labview. This output is linked to a string type in teststand and worked fine with the old versions. Now with the newest versions, this string data is not shown properly in teststand. I already read about this, and found a solution to convert this data with a temp array and the str() function in teststand.


Problem is, I don't want to do this in every single sequence file. This would take a lot of time to apply this fix on all sequence files, since we are using this VI in all of our sequence files.

Another approach would be to simply convert this variant output to be a string output, but then I have to relink the parameter in the VI's prototype because its type has changed.


Is there any other solution to this problem? It would be nice if there is a solution were I can format the type in labview in a way teststand can convert it properly to a string data type.





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Hello Nick1991,


You can use these articles for migration of your old Test program and LabView code to newer:



Best Regards,

Edgar Umrikyan.

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