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Teststand instrument session lost

teststand can't find instrument in a middle of a run and errors out....if test run is less than 1 hr long. No errors. test completes with no problem.... if it is more than an hour or so, it errors out....if i go to MAX and scan for instruement, i see none of inst.


once i exit test stand and rescan MAX i see the instruments...if i re-run ....same errors occurs.... looks like some type of windows/network timeout issue...have not figured it out yet,,, wandering if anyone has encounter similar issue and what was done to resolve it.


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Hi Kassa,


It may be that someone has seen something similar to your situation, but perhaps some more specifics would help.


1.   What hardware/instruments are you trying to interface with?

2.   How are you interfacing with this hardware? DAQmx call in a code module? What kind of code module are you using? LabVIEW, C, or some other ADE?

3.   What is TestStand doing when the instrument "goes missing"?

4.   What version of TestStand, drivers, software are you using?


Once we get some more specifics about your issue, it will be much easier to narrow it down to the source and give helpful feedback.

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