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Teststand deployment asking for Veristand

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I am trying to deploy a Teststand system. Usually i try to install the test computers with all drivers needed before hand but this time i need to create a complete installer package.


The components i need to install are the following:


Teststand runtime 2014

Labview runtime engine 2015 (32 bit)

DAQmx runtime engine

VISA runtime engine


When i select those components a few addiational ones are selected as well.


A couple of LabWindows/CVI runtime packages (Teststand seems to need them)

PXI Platform Services Runtime (DAQmx seems to need it)

NI VAriable Engine 2015 (Teststand seems to need it)


A couple of them seems a bit weird but sure, no problem there.


I have connected my USB drive with the 2015 software bundle that it asks for.


But now it also asks me for NI Veristand 2015 media path. This isnt included on my USB drive apparantly, but even if it were, why would a Teststand deployment using LabView and standard drivers need Veristand installation media?


Teststand deployment is a bit tricky as is with even with the newer versions, but this is just silly.


Have anyone had the same problem and if so, how did you solve it?


Best Regards,



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Accepted by Nimgaard

Hi Nimgaard,


it is possible that on your development system, one of the required common components was originally installed from the Veristand media.  because of this, the installer framework will ask for the mdeia where the product was installed from.  The installer framework will only include what is shown on the installer dialog in TestStand Deployment Utility, which is the products you select and all dependencies of those products.  If you don't have the veristand media, you can download it from the NI website here:



Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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Hello Al

Useful answer as always!


The machine have had Veristand installed at one point, its a VM that ive been cloning and moving around a bit, so its entirely possible thats the reason.


For some reason it didnt ask for it on one build, so i managed to build it once at least. Then i know what to do and why if it happens again. 


Best Regards,


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