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Teststand Waveform Graph adding own graphics

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Hello everyone,

I just started using NI Teststand to verify if it will suite my needs. My aim is to make a simple leaktest machine that will take measure from few sensors and display it in a fancy report.. I am gathering data with AI modules cRio, do some analysis, check for PASS/FAIL, usual stuff...


I was wondering - is it possible to plot additional graphics on Waveform graph plot in teststand html report. This is an example report that I created (just a sin wave): report.PNGThe data are coming from my VI as 1D array. This is the VI:pic_plot.PNG

And this is how the front panel looks like:graphwaveform.PNG

As you can see by creating a Property node I can draw an image on the Waveform Graph. I can display a pass/fail window directly on the graph. That image can be also assigned to an output from VI to teststand. Marked with red arrow in second picture on the right.


Is there a way to plot that picture on Teststand report? Is it there any expression (function) that could join both values and plot it on the same graph?


Any help would be much appreciated! 


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Call the attached VI and assign the output to your report text for the step (Step.Result.ReportText).  Run the sequence and see if you like what is on the report.  Then analyze what I have done in the VI and apply that same stuff to your code.


Hopet his helps,

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Probably a better way to do it is to use an additional result but the reporttext is just an easy way to do it without much thought.  The advantage of additional result is that you can name the graph instead of it just saying ReportText.

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