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Teststand Graphs empty in ATML report

Hello everyone,

I am struggling a little with the Teststand report functionality:


I receive a 2D array from calling a LabVIEW VI which I would like to integrate as Graph in the ATML report. What I did was:

1. Check the InsertGraph option in the Report processing menu.

1. Create outputData local variable with TestStand attributes "DataLayout" and "DataOrientation" 

2. Store array in outData variable when calling vi. I checked the "Log data" and "Is Measurement" checkboxes as well.

3. Set DataLayout = "SingleX-MultipleY" and DataOrientation="Column Based"


However, all graphs remain empty. The same also happens when I load the Teststand examples on outputting 2D Graphs in a report. Interestingly, the graphs show up when I change the report to HTML format instead of ATML.  But ATML would be a lot more convenient for us.


I am a little bit puzzled about it. Does anybody have an idea on the issue?


I use Windows 10 Enterprises together with 64-bit Teststand & LabVIEW.


Any help is highly appreciated!




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Maybe something here would be of help -

Soliton Technologies

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The HTML reports as well as the stylesheets for ATML reports use the same graph control to display graphs. 


To help diagnose what is happening, can you complete the following steps:


1. When the report is being displayed in the seqEditor, browse to the folder where the report was generated. It is usually in the same folder as the sequence file or %temp%\teststand\reports folder (for an unsaved file) . 

2. In that folder you will find TempReport.html. Does that file open without issues in IE on your machine? You might have to allowed blocked content and and scripts to run. 


Can you also post that TempReport.html file?



Anand Jain





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