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Teststand Deploy sequence not copying language resources

I just recently got a new PC with Windows 10, installed Labview  SP! and Teststand 2014.  Old deployment projects and new clean ones do not install the language resources.  Which means that TestExec.exe show "string not found in the language resource" everywhere.  I dont' remember ever needing to explicitly include the language resource.   And looking at older deployment project I don't see anything different.


Any pointers on where to look for what is wrong?



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not sure if this is related but seems it is also looking for ManagedModelSupport.dll and that is also not being deployed

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Is something different in terms of bitness x86 or x64, ending up in different locations?

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No, we only use the 32 bit version.   I'm attaching  a clean project and deployment.   I test the built installer on a virtual box windows 10 system.

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uploaded the wrong version of the deploy test project.  The difference is the first deploy project and this one is:

- Sequence file property - Advanced tab - "requires specific Model"  = sequential model

        (if this isn't set then the test UUT buttons are missing entirely)

- includes runtime for LV 2013 

        (out of the box testexec for TS 2014 uses LV 2013 to build so you need that runtime on the target PC,  my real project rebuilds testexec using the version of LV I use normally.  For this test project Im trying to do the most vanilla options)

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