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Teststand Close external application on Teststand environment close.

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I am trying to close an external application (specifically Tektronix's SignalVu-PC Vector Analysis Software) when the Teststand environment is exited. Ideally I could put this in the FrontEndCallback, but any solutions would be welcome. 

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That should be fine.

But how critical is it for the other application to close when TestStand closes ( consider crash).

It can also be an external process running in the background which checks if seqdit.exe is running.If not it can close the other exe.



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This will be for a Teststand based GUI, looking to essentially treat it like one package as far as the user is concerned. Everything is to open/close when the GUI is opened /closed. The open is simple enough to do, however it is the close which I am having a problem with. Ideally I would like to avoid external processes that run outside of Teststand, for simplicity of design.

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If within TestStand then your approach is fine using front end callbacks.

But it cannot take care of crash conditions.Based on the criticality of your application you need to take a call.


From a user perspective if you are launching this external process from TestStand only ( call the external closing exe in command step) he will never know.



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