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TestStrand propertyLoader from XML based file



I have XML file, how to convert it in a smart way to XLS or comma separated file that after it i can load it automatically via PropertyLoader.

I use TestStand 2021, any one has already ready to use parser from XML to XLS or comma separated file?

Any one knows C#/Python based library that can help convert XMl file to XLS or comma separated file?


Example of XML file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>











   <psequence delay=5>GPIB5::INSTR0::KEYSIGHT,GPIB6::INSTR0::KEYSIGHT,GPIB5::INSTR0::KEITLEY</psequence>


   <Station.S enabled=TRUE ></Station.S>









               <H VOLT=2></H>

              <C VOLT=1></C>





Thank you!


Thank you & Best Regards

*I use LabVIEW 2018 & TestStand 2021 versions
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Hello Yuri,


For performing XML to xls conversation by Python, you can refer to this link: Convert XML Spreadsheet to Excel file in Python | EasyXLS Guide


Best regards.

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