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TestStand report preference

Hi guys,

Please share your ideas about how to play with the TestStand report the best.

1.What kind of report do you use in your project?XML,TXT,or html? I always use xml, but it needs a template to open it and see it ,otherwise it cannot display correctly.So this is annoying thing that sometimes when I want to send a report to the customer. Txt it not that good for visibility although it can be open on every computers.

2.I save the report by each DUT. Is there a way or a tool to process such reports to merge into a Excel file?

3.Because of 2,I have to use MDB for data saving.But it needs always to have a blank MDB template in the release,and also a lot of people don't want to spend time figure out how to get statistics from a MDB file.

4.Or you have a way to log data yourself in your sequence?


Thanks very much

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I work with ATML 5.0 Report because its is the most clear report in my mind.


I have a LabVIEW UserInterface which shows me available reports after executing some tests. In this UI I can pack this reports programmatically with the XML Package Utility in a separate folder. In my case I include many JPGs. With this  XML Package Utility you can pack your reports, included files (like pictures) and the XML stylesheets in one folder. This folder you can move to other computers and send it to customers. Then you can open the reports in your Browser.

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I use ATML report for immediate redability.

Parallel to this I use Access database, which will be changed to SQL Server soon.


The path to the "ATML" stylesheet is stored in the report, thus it can be opened on all computers which can access the path (company-local).

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