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TestStand module adapter latency?

I'm trying to determine a couple properties of TestStand 2014 SP1 with respect to the latency of operations:

  • What is the latency between calling a TestStand step with a LabVIEW module adapter and the LabVIEW VI executing?
  • What is the latency between completing the execution of a LabVIEW VI in a step and then passing the data from the outputs of the VI to TestStand?
  • What is the average latency between step executions when using On-the-Fly reporting?

I'd also appreciate information about the DLL and None adapters as well since we have those in use.

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Any numbers I told you would be wrong for you because it depends on dozens of variables, including hardware, os, cpu load, report options, step settings, adapter settings, number and type of module inputs and output and values being passed, module contents, etc..


Those operations should be in a neighborhood that ranges from tens of microseconds up to tens of milliseconds, but I'd recommend you set up a simple case of how you intend to use it on the machine you intend to use it on, and just time it. 


The expression function Seconds() is handy for simple timings. Also useful is the Engine.SecondsSinceStart property.

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These metrics are non-deterministic (different every single time due to the Operating System) and Teststand does not offer a feature to measure these metrics.  

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